coding challenge 2023

Code against the best and brightest Valencia tech communities in an epic coding challenge.

Who & why should join?

coders first

Join this fun and real-life coding challenge saga if you are a coder of any seniority level. Join if you are a backend, full-stack, frontend or data science-focused coder, developer of engineer.

Meet Valencia's best employers

Are you looking for a company that doesn't just take CVs and resumes? By participating in our coding challenge, you can connect with such employers in Valencia, Spain!

Valencia top 30

Join to keep learning, discover your boundaries and compare your place with others in the community. Stay up to date on your position in the leaderboard below.

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solve all 3 challenges within 4320 minutes & try to score the most points in the shortest time!


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Last update: 27 March 2023

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the Valencian Community is a hotbed for tech talent

Spain’s Valencian Community has emerged as an up-and-coming tech talent hub, with over 1,035 startups, 100 investors, and more than 170 corporates. The region, comprising Valencia, Alicante, and Castellón, has the most startups per capita in Spain and is recognized as the third most popular ecosystem for venture capital. While the investment landscape is maturing, mid to later-stage rounds are still rare, and early-stage investments are on the rise. The top active VC investors in the region are Plug and Play, Draper B1, Angels Capital, and Clave Capital. The Valencian innovation ecosystem has much to offer, with fast-growing opportunities and promising startups in a variety of industries.


*A “coding challenge” is a gamified bite-sized online problem-solving competition. It shows a software engineer’s technical skills; her/his approach to problem-solving; their ability to understand requirements and think clearly under pressure.

Yes, it is.

It is not possible to register as a team. Individuals are eligible to participate in this coding event.

The organizer is Devolympics, a global coding challenge-based tech branding and community organizing company.

No we are not monetizing any subscriber or user data.