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coding challenge

your mission, should you choose to accept it...

  1. solve a tricky problem designed to demonstrate your problem-solving skills
  2. scoring highest during the competition in the least amount of time

mission briefing

languages allowed to use to solve the coding challenge

time restrictions

the leaderboard updates daily at 13:00 Milan, IT time.

for bug reports please drop an email to

about technogym

Technogym inspires 50 million daily users to work out utilizing our innovative & engaging physical activity solutions.

We are a great place for brilliant and passionate developers who feel inspired and motivated to develop a large array of native applications across a vast number of diverse Android devices. We are a company that values teamwork, innovation, and ambition.

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  • More than 35 million people regularly exercise on Technogym in over 100 countries around the world
  • We hold over 130 engineers and designers, 142 international product patents, and 93 registered trademarks
  • The TechnoGym Ecosystem transforms wellness into a next level big data business

Dear TechnoGym Team!
this is part 2 of our presentation
read on to discover what happens after a kotlin developer signed up to your awesome "landing page"!

1. your developer subscribed on the landing page. job half done!
2. now we need to get to work and engage her/him with our awesome coding competition
3.the following email is sent to the candidate after subscribing (almost everything you see is fully customizeable)

try our tutorial or start the challenge?

start the challenge!

1. once The developer is finished...
2.we got her/his result on our leaderboard for everyone to see
3.their report, data, and code is automatically being prepared for you into an importable ATS or CSV batch

you and your stakeholders get:
1. the full reporting, data including IP, email, name etc
see the sample report below

once you get the detailed reports you and your stakeholders can immediately act on them.
the reports include the participants'
1. problem solving,
2. design thinking,
3. coding reliability scores and the
4. actual code of their solutions

Next steps: let's book a call with your stakeholders and see if and how can we support you during 2023 with the many kpis and challenges you have

Did you know that...

  1. what you have seen here is a service we perfected in over 3000 branded coding competitions in the past years?
  2. Employer branding in tech is one of the top reasons companies sponsor a tech event but the KPIs are very unclear & fluid for most teams. with our managed service you enjoy a turnkey, long term tailored 360 solution?
  3. our service integrates with your recruitment marketing, hr, and your employer branding stakeholders
  4. our turnkey, expert services company like Technogym saves EUR65k and expert bandwidth to 3 departments in your organization?
  5. By using our services most companies avoid being perceived as “boring” and “forgettable” in a live or online tech event or conference.
  6. Tech Conference Organizers since 2019 have been using our competitions to help renew their largest sponsorship deals in the EU and the USA because our offering gives a sponsor company an “unfair advantage” over other in-booth sponsors. 

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