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Cyber Security
java coding

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Cyber Security
java coding

You have been chosen to launch a cyber attack* against a group of cunning hackers

* Disclaimer: this is a real-life-like coding game. This coding exercise takes place in a cloud-hosted, controlled, safe, and professional environment and it is totally harmless!

Participate In A Next Generation Realistic Cyber Security Coding Challenge Organized By KPN Netherlands

The global software community is in turmoil following a brutal and cunning attack by a group of USB missile launcher dealers on millions of software developers.

Your mission should you choose to accept is to restore order by launching a full-frontal assault against the traffickers’ bank account.

mission briefing

languages to use to solve the coding challenge

time restrictions

Open to job opportunities*
GDPR approval

About kpn cybersec

At KPN Security you work with ethical hackers, pentesters, analysts, developers, business consultants, and other colleagues to safeguard the digital security of the Netherlands.

Do you consider it a challenge to remain a step ahead of hackers and cybercriminals? Or do you feel a shared responsibility to ensure that everyone has a secure digital work environment? If so, a job at KPN Security is something you will really enjoy.

Reach out directly

to our corporate Cyber Security recruiter

Vivian Sin

+31 6 83 80 31 77
Mail Vivian Sin
  • KPN Security is the Netherlands’ biggest security organization?
  • our ethical hackers became world champions in 2018? And that they would love to repeat that victory with you in their team?
  • KPN Security has a broad range of ultra-advanced detection systems at its disposal?
  • the workspace for the Security Operations Center (SOC), also known as The Cube, is the biggest in the Netherlands? It is as big as three movie theaters!