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* Disclaimer: this is a real-life-like coding game. This coding exercise takes place in a cloud-hosted, controlled, safe, and professional environment and it is totally harmless.

Participate In A Next Generation Realistic Coding Challenge Organized by [company]


  1. Mission context
  2. Teaser to the missions
  3. Call to action

mission briefing

languages to use to solve the coding challenge

time restrictions

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J***@email.com 69%
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P***@email.com 59%

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Dear Team!
take a look at the coding challenge from the subscription, activity & reporting points of views

the developer subscribed as seen above
and receives her/his competition link in an email, then
clicks the unique link to start the challenge

once The developer is finished...
we got her/his report, data, and code ready for you in an importable
or in a full pdf version

what you and/or your sponsors get are
the full reporting, data including IP, email, name etc
sample report below

once you or your sponsor get the detailed reports you/they can immediately act on it.
the reports include the participants' problem solving, design, reliability score and the code solutions
use all relevant data to maximize the impact of your follow up with your audience!

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Did you know that...

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  3. Tech Conference Organizers since 2018 used us to help renew their largest deals in the EU and the USA because our offering gives a sponsor company an “unfair advantage” over other in-booth sponsors.